Yulu Pi

Research Assistant


Yulu Pi is a PhD candidate from Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick. She has a background in data science and economics. She also worked in several governmental and international organizations before the start of her PhD.

Her research centers on enhancing the transparency and fairness of AI by leveraging concepts and techniques from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and cognitive science literature(access to her web demo of interactive explanations here: https://nikipi-infeature-app-becfsw.streamlit.app/). Her work extends beyond technical and design issues to consider how explainability can be incorporated into governance. She has produced several analytical reports covering various topics for an AI Think Tank, including a comparative analysis of the regulatory approaches between the US and EU, transparency and the implications of the AI Liability Directive for AI producers.

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HEAT – High-risk EU AI Act Toolkit

A team funded by Stiftung Mercator and Ammagamma are creating an open access software-based step-by-step toolkit for complying with the EU AI Act. The toolkit is designed for developers of high risk systems (especially small and medium enterprises) and is informed by feminist and pro-justice approaches to the development of safe, just and equitable AI […]


Yulu Pi

In-depth EU AI Toolkit

This AI Act Toolkit project is developing a step-by-step pro-justice compliance tool for developers of high-risk AI Complying with the AI Act can be a daunting task for providers of high-risk AI, as it requires extensive documentation, including a risk management system, data governance and declaration of conformity.    Our tool will assist anyone who is actively involved […]

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Yulu Pi

EU AI Act For High Risk AI in a Nutshell

Article Written by Yulu Pi, A CFI Research Assistant on our EU AI Act Toolkit project and PhD candidate at the University of Warwick. It is a done deal: the days of the AI industry regulating itself are over. With the EU lawmakers striking a deal over the AI Act and setting up the AI Office within the EU […]