External fellowships

There are sometimes competitive fellowship schemes available that can support a fellowship position at CFI.  We will list some of these here, as they are announced.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) at the University of Cambridge is welcoming external applications for the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.

The British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship is a three-year fellowship for outstanding early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences. The scheme aims to help develop the award holder’s curriculum vitae and boost their prospects of obtaining a permanent university post. The primary emphasis is on the completion of a significant piece of publishable research, and the integration of the award-holder into the community of established scholars within their field.


  • Applicants must be either a UK/EEA national or have completed a doctorate at a UK university. Alternatively, applicants may be accepted if they can demonstrate ‘strong prior association’ with the UK academic community. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please check the scheme notes
  • Applicants must be of Early Career status, meaning within three years of the award of a doctorate (i.e. with a viva between 1 April 2022 and 1 April 2025). Exemptions from this criterion may be granted for extenuating circumstances.
  • Those with a permanent academic post are ineligible to apply.
  • Applicants may apply only once in the three years they are eligible. Previously unsuccessful applicants will be able to submit another application only if specifically invited to do so by the British Academy.

Submitting an application via CFI

You may apply for a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship via CFI if your project fits within the research areas, mission and aims of CFI. In your application, you will be expected to justify why CFI in particular would provide the best environment for your project. Due to the limited amount of workspace available, we can only forward a small selection of these to the British Academy.


Applications should be sent to Hannah Tigg (CFI Research Grants Administrator) by 12:00 noon BST on Monday 19 August 2024, in time for applications to be assessed and selected to go forward.

Applications should consist of the following:

  • A two-page CV, including the dates on which you had your PhD viva and on which you were awarded the PhD.
  • A list of publications (not exceeding one side) NB: DORA principles should be considered when presenting research outputs.
  • A completed internal selection form.
  • Please note that the form requires you to give the name of a proposed mentor. The British Academy’s expectation is that a mentor will help integrate new fellows into their department. Please ensure your proposed mentor at CFI has indicated they would be happy to act as mentor for you for your project. A Letter of Support from the Head of Department is not required at this stage. If your application is selected to go forward, we will prepare the necessary document to accompany your application materials. The deadline for the full application to be submitted to the Research Office is 30 September 2024 but, if selected to proceed, your full application must reach us by 12:00 noon BST on Thursday 19 September 2024.

Information Session

The School Research Facilitators will run an online information session for applicants on 25 July 2024 at 14:00. Potential applicants are encouraged to register for this event.


Please address all enquiries to enquiries@lcfi.cam.ac.uk.