Prospective Visitors

We welcome applications from scholars and students who wish to spend time at the centre. We’re currently accepting visitor applications commencing from October 2024. We have a limited number of places for each term so please forward completed applications to before 10 April 2024 so they can be considered at our next Strategy Group Committee meeting. Approval will be given to outstanding applicants, whose proposed research is clearly relevant to LCFI’s goals. We particularly welcome applications from groups currently underrepresented in AI research, and which show evidence not only of academic excellence but engagement with other disciplines and stakeholders. Visitors are expected to be fluent in written and spoken English.

Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholars are those who already have a PhD, are engaged in an academic career, and who are employed by a higher education institution. They may visit for anything from a month to a year. We assume that visitors will be in Cambridge to pursue independent research and so we do not provide academic supervision, although visitors may seek affiliation with one of LCFI’s projects. We do also accept applications from scholar’s who wish to come as an Independent and aren’t employed by a higher education institution.

Visting Student

Visiting Students are postgraduate students who have permission from their university to come to Cambridge for a period to enrich their studies. Visiting Student status is ordinarily given for up to one term – Michaelmas (October–December), Lent (January–March) or Easter (April–June). They should have a mentor within CFI (see below) but will not be formally supervised during their time here.

How to apply

Please merge the following documents into a single PDF file and email it to us at An interview (which can be by teleconference) may be required prior to any decision on visits to the Centre.

  • A brief curriculum vitae (2 pages max.)
  • A covering letter stating why and for how long (provide dates) you wish to come to Cambridge.
  • An outline of the research you propose to conduct while you are here (2 pages max.)
  • The name of a member of CFI who is willing to act as your sponsor or mentor. This should be the person you would most like to work with or a person whose interests have the greatest overlap with your own. Please see the People section of this website for further information on staff interests.
  • A letter of recommendation from your university supervisor or head of department stating the reasons why it would be helpful for you to spend some time in Cambridge. For Visiting Students this letter must confirm that the period in Cambridge contributes to the degree you are registered for at your home institution.


We charge visitors an administration fee of £200, plus a fee of £300 per month for the use of LCFI’s and the University’s facilities (VAT will be added to these fees as applicable); these privileges include being set up with an email account, use of the University library and an invitation to attend research seminars and lectures throughout the University. It is possible, in special circumstances, to apply for a reduction or waiver of this fee; those wishing to apply for this should give reasons in their covering letter. In general, LCFI does not have funding available to assist visiting students with living expenses, accommodation, travel, visa costs and so forth.

Accommodation and College Affiliation

We regret to say that we are unable to help with accommodation, but the University does have an Accommodation Service that might be able to assist. Visit their webpage Some Cambridge University colleges offer visiting student affiliation. This membership might include full use of College facilities but not necessarily any entitlement to College living accommodation. Please contact the college directly to enquire about whether this is something they can offer; they will also advise on any associated costs.

Visa procedures

Visiting Students who are not UK nationals, and subject to immigration control. The UK Border Agency’s website provides advice of visa applications and timescales. It is the visiting student/scholar’s responsibility to apply for the correct visa.

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