Master of Studies - AI Ethics & Society

The first-of-its-kind Master of Studies in AI Ethics and Society (MSt AI Ethics) is designed specifically for professionals. It offers the expertise and skills necessary for critically understanding and responding to the complex socio-technical systems underpinning our greatest AI opportunities and challenges.


The MSt AI Ethics is devoted to developing leaders who can tackle the hard AI questions that are most relevant for the workplace today, such as issues of privacy, surveillance, justice, fairness, algorithmic bias, misinformation, Big Data, responsible innovation and more.  Some of the types of questions explored in the course include:

  • How can I anticipate and address negative impacts from a    new technology?
  • How can I design a process of responsible innovation for my organisation?
  • What methods and processes are available for understanding the full implications of the development or procurement of AI technologies.


The MSt AI Ethics draws together a community of students from a rich mix of professional backgrounds including business, management, policy, technology, design, consultancy, law, communications, and others.

Whether you’re a technology-maker intent on ensuring your products ‘do no harm’, a consultant asked to advise on ‘responsible’ strategy, or a leader commissioning technology to serve your community, the MSt AI Ethics will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to make expert decisions.


In addition to an 800-year history of innovation and leadership across technology, philosophy, and the humanities, the University of Cambridge is located within a hub of AI innovation that is home to tech giants and start-ups (including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, ARM and others).

The MSt AI Ethics is developed and taught by the University’s Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI), a global research centre at the forefront of AI Ethics and impact research, in partnership with the Institute of Continuing Education.

The programme is run by a specialist research centre, rather than by a disciplinary department, which allows the curriculum to be throroughly multidisciplinary, to be informed by up-to-the-minute research developments, and to incorporate experts from diverse areas, including philosophy, machine learning, computer science, policy, law, and other fields.


Whether you’re looking for a new direction, a competitive edge, or a future-proof career pathway, a graduate qualification from the University of Cambridge in AI Ethics will furnish you with the trusted and globally-recognised expertise necessary to move forward with confidence.  As a unique professionally-oriented graduate degree dedicated to AI Ethics, the MSt provides:

  • Globally trusted expertise in AI Ethics and tools for Responsible AI leadership.
  • A flexible part-time programme to suit busy professionals.
  • An intensive week-long residential session per term at a Cambridge college.
  • A vibrant international network of peers, experts, and world leaders in AI and AI Ethics.
  • A graduate qualification from one of the world’s top universities.

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Course details and how to apply are at the University’s Institute of Continuing Education.