Yi Zeng

Associate Fellow


Yi Zeng is a Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, serving as Deputy Director of Research Center of Brain-inspired Intelligence, and Co-director of China-UK Research Centre for AI Ethics and Governance. He is the founding director of Research Center for AI Ethics and Sustainable Development at Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence. He is a Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a Chief Scientist in AI Ethics and Governance at Institute of AI International Governance, Tsinghua University. Yi Zeng serves as a board member for the National Governance Committee for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence, an expert in the UNESCO Ad-hoc Expert Group in AI Ethics, and an expert in the Expert Group of AI Ethics and Governance in Health, World Health Organization (WHO).

For Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence, Yi Zeng leads the effort on Brain-inspired Cognitive Engine, a Brain-inspired Spiking Neural Network architecture towards Artificial General Intelligence. He also leads the effort on Cognitive Imitation Games. For AI Ethics and Governance, Yi Zeng leads the effort on drafting and grounding of Beijing AI Principles, AI for Children: Beijing Principles, and is one of the main drafters of the National Governance Principles for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence. He is the project investigator for Linking AI Principles, AI Governance Online, and AI for SDGs Think Tank.

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Overcoming Barriers to Cross-cultural Cooperation in AI Ethics and Governance

Overcoming Barriers to Cross-cultural Cooperation in AI Ethics and Governance. Philos. Technol. 33, 571–593 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13347-020-00402-x Abstract: Achieving the global benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) will require international cooperation on many areas of governance and ethical standards, while allowing for diverse cultural perspectives and priorities. There are many barriers to achieving this at present, including mistrust […]