Ryan Burnell

Associate Fellow


Ryan is working as a Senior Research Associate in the Foundational AI team at The Alan Turing Institute in London. He was formerly a Research Associate in the RECOG-AI team at CFI from 2021-2023, and remains an Associate Fellow at the centre. He is also an Associate Fellow at Pembroke College and a board member for the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.

Ryan’s research sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology, where he is working to apply theories and paradigms from cognitive science to develop more robust ways of evaluating AI systems. This work has been published in top journals such as Science, and featured in popular media outlets such as the BBC, The Atlantic, and the Telegraph. Ryan’s work has also received funding from various sources, including the EU Horizon’s Trustworthy AI Network.

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Wellbeing Supportive Design Toolkit

A toolkit for designers interested in improving technologies by applying wellbeing psychology to design.  The toolkit includes the latest version of the Wellbeing Design Cards The toolkit helps you support key psychological needs through design.  The content draws on decades of research in psychology and the toolkit has been tested with over 100 designers and researchers […]

“Vaccine Passports” May Backfire: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Study in the UK and Israel on Willingness to Get Vaccinated against COVID-19

T Porat, R Burnell, R A Calvo, E Ford, P Paudyal, W L Baxter, A Parush. (2021). ‘“Vaccine Passports” May Backfire: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Study in the UK and Israel on Willingness to Get Vaccinated against COVID-19’, Vaccines. 9 (8): 902. https://doi.org/10.3390/vaccines9080902


Ryan Burnell


RECOG-AI aims to improve AI evaluation by providing a framework and benchmarks for measuring the capabilities of AI systems.  RECOG-AI is a two-year (2021-2023) DARPA-funded project on the Robust Evaluation of Cognitive Capabilities and Generality in Artificial Intelligence. The RECOG-AI project is split into three core research packages, as below. Codify The first work package is the […]

Ryan Burnell

Designing for Wellbeing

Growing concern over the impact of digital technologies on psychological wellbeing has prompted the largest technology companies to develop initiatives on ‘digital wellbeing’. However, these initiatives tend to focus on encouraging people to change their technology behaviour rather than on changing technology itself. Yet, it’s unclear why users should bear the burden of adjusting to, or […]