Nomisha Kurian

Associate Fellow


Nomisha is a Teaching Associate at the University of Cambridge Department of Sociology and Bye-Fellow at Churchill College, researching how social AI impacts child wellbeing and child development. She was an invited speaker at the UNESCO AI and Education Forum about the ethics of social robots in supporting children. She recently became the first Education researcher to win the Cambridge Applied Research Award for social impact, after working with 286 low-income pupils across the UK to widen participation in higher education. She also received the Cambridge Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Social Impact. Previously, as a Yale University Henry Fellow, she researched children’s rights law. Her work has most recently been published in the Oxford Review of Education, the British Educational Research Journal, and the Journal of Pastoral Care in Education. She co-chairs the Cambridge University Wellbeing and Inclusion Special Interest Group and previously co-chaired the Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group.

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Nomisha Kurian

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Nomisha Kurian

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