Matishalin Patel


Matishalin Patel is an evolutionary biologist working on the origin of major transitions. His focus is on between species major transitions in individuality and worked at the CFI on major transitions in cognition. He is a biologists by training with a masters in computational biology from Imperial and a DPhil in evolutionary theory from Oxford. He undertook a postdoc in evolutionary theory at Cambridge followed by a postdoc with the Kinds of Intelligence group at the CFI. He is currently a lecturer in Data Science, AI and Modelling at the University of Hull.

He is interested in the general rules of evolution and cognition that span systems from terrestrial biology, to alien biologies and digital life. He is currently focused on evolution of artificial intelligence architectures and zero intelligence benchmarks for the animal-ai system. He is also interested in game and evolutionary theory around Host-symbiont associations which has implications for biology and AI safety.

Please visit for further details on his work.

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