David Runciman

Project Leader, 2016 - March 2020


David Runciman is Professor of Politics and currently Head of the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at Cambridge.  He is joint-PI on two major research projects based in CRASSH: Conspiracy and Democracy and Technology and Democracy.

His books include Political Hypocrisy and The Confidence Trap: A History of Democracy in Crisis and he writes regularly about politics for the London Review of Books.¬† His inaugural lecture ‘Political Theory and Real Politics in the Age of the Internet’ can be viewed here.

Projects = Politics and democracy 

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David Runciman


Free speech and non-human speakers: Public Event

Free speech and non-human speakers. A public event chaired by David Runciman. Date: 18 September 2017 Venue: Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre in September 2017. We share our world with powerful and vocal non-human agents, such as corporations and, increasingly, AI-based systems of various kinds. Should such agents have a ‘right’ to free expression, analogous to […]


David Runciman

Politics and Democracy

This project examines the challenges that the future of AI poses for democratic politics, including questions of political agency, accountability and representation. The future of AI poses deep challenges for democratic politics and raises urgent questions of political agency, accountability and representation. What kind of politics can control AI? What kind of politics might result […]