Beryl Pong

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow


Beryl Pong is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow. Her current project, ‘Droned Life: Data, Narrative, and the Aesthetics of Worldmaking,’ examines how the aesthetic dimensions of unmanned aerial technologies impact the politics of their use in areas such as war, security, and humanitarianism. Her fellowship seeks to understand how drones’ relationships to AI, sensors, and simulation produce new ways of interpreting and experiencing the world. Her transdisciplinary research team spans researchers in English, Politics, Digital Media, and Computer Science, as well as collaborators from the cultural, heritage, arts, and non-profit sectors. At Cambridge, she also holds affiliated positions with the Faculty of English and with Trinity College.

Beryl’s research interests span sound and visual culture; the history and philosophy of science and technology; war; and modern and contemporary art and literature. Her publications include British Literature and Culture in Second World Wartime: For the Duration (Oxford University Press, 2020); the co-edited volume Drone Aesthetics: War, Culture, Ecology (Open Humanities Press, forthcoming); special issues on ‘The Art of Drone Warfare‘ (Journal of War and Culture Studies, 2022) and ‘Wartime‘ (Modernism/modernity, 2020); and articles in journals such as PMLA, Journal of Modern Literature, and Literature & History.

She received her BA Honours from Queen’s University in Canada, her MSc from the University of Edinburgh, and her PhD from the University of Cambridge.

More information can be found at her webpage.


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  • Beryl Pong,(2024) Changing Nationhood, Changeless Place: Bill Brandt/Henry Moore at the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery, Modernism/modernity
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  • Beryl Pong,(2014) La France à l'heure Anglaise: Embodied Timescapes and Occupied Landscapes in Storm Jameson's Cloudless May, Literature & History

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Beryl Pong

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