Achim Rosemann

Teaching Fellow


Achim is teaching on the MSt in AI Ethics and Society and the MPhil in Ethics, Data and Algorithms. He has an interdisciplinary background in anthropology, science and technology studies (STS) and the ethics and governance of AI and emerging technologies more widely. His current research and teachings explore conceptual and policy-related questions in the following areas:

1.       the ethical, societal and environmental dimensions of AI and data-intensive technologies.

2.       the challenges that arise from global inequalities and differences on the ways in which AI systems are deployed, developed and governed around the world.

3.       the role and possibilities of global civil society in the debate, public evaluation and governance of AI, big data, and related digital technologies.

4.       the ways in which AI, robotics and automation change the lives, perceptions and experiences of people, social groups, and institutions in diverse global contexts and communities.

In collaboration with UNESCO’s Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology Section, Achim is leading the UKRI-funded pilot project “Strengthening the Role of Civil Society in the Global Governance of AI”. This project seeks to unlock new possibilities to broaden the role of civil societal organizations (CSOs) in the global debate and governance of AI and involves the development of a global, open-access online repository of CSOs that address the ethical, societal, and environmental dimensions of AI, which will be published on UNESCO’s forthcoming AI Ethics Observatory.

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Achim Rosemann