Human+AI Collaborative Performance

September 8, 2022

Exploring human-AI co-creation in music and dance.

For half a century, digital technologies have provided new tools for creativity, but AI is a step-change: it offers the possibility of machines as co-creators. In this event, researchers pushing the boundaries at the intersection of technology and the arts will discuss (and perform) the results of deep collaborations between human and machine in the areas of music and dance.

The event is free and has been organised by the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.


8 September – 10am-1pm


Eastwood Room, Lower level, 16 Mill Lane
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, CB2 1SB


“Coding or AI? Tools for Control, Surprise and Creativity”
Alan Blackwell
– Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at the University of Cambridge, he has played as an orchestral musician for 40 years, and teaches courses in computer music with a focus on new and interactive music notations.
– Alan’s talk will be followed by a live coding performance by Lizzie Wilson.

“Human-AI dance: hybrid co-creativity in the posthuman era”
Diego Marín
– Choreographer, director and dance anthropologist, his dance productions and films have been presented internationally and include innovative approaches to the co-creation of dance between humans and AI.
– Diego’s talk will be followed by a dance performance.

“Patterns In-between Intelligences: On Live Algorithms, AI and Performance”
Lizzie Willson – Interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and PhD researcher, her interests include live computer music, musical artificial intelligence and human-machine co-collaboration.

Diego Marín

Still image from a dance film featuring Diego Marín (source: Diego Marín)

Lizzie Wilson AI performance

Human-AI collaborative dance and music performance (source: Lizzie Wilson)