CommCTP. A Community of Critical Technical Practice in AI Ethics & Society

February 26, 2024


CommCTP is a community of practice for professionals from industry, business, government, and civil society interested in advancing the ethical and responsible adoption of AI applications. CommCTP is a response to barriers software developers, project managers, product owners, and policy professionals face in advancing critical technical, social and values-driven approaches to AI. CommCTP meets once every quarter. This community of practice will include research elements that are entirely optional for members to participate in.

CommCTP follows the Chatham House Rule to encourage ‘off the record’ dialogue among people attending. Please sign up for the next meeting on February 26, 2024 4-5.30pm UK.

The agenda, guest speakers, and zoom link will follow upon signing up. If you signed up for or attended the last meeting in November, you will get access to a comment-only Google document with notes and references from that discussion.

CommCTP will meet at least once every quarter and its second event will be online, on Monday, February 26, 2024, 4-5.30pm UK time. The zoom link will be shared with those who sign up. All are welcome.

If you sign up for this event, we will record your email and send you information about the next events. We will not share your email with anyone else nor send you any information unrelated to CommCTP.

CommCTP emerges from the experiences of teaching and working with professionals enrolled in the MSt in AI Ethics and Society at the Institute for Continuing Education and the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge. Members of past cohorts of this degree program will be part of CommCTP and you can connect with us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

CommCTP is facilitated by Maya Indira Ganesh. Please reach out to Irene Pellegero on with questions.

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* Image: “Data flock (faces)”, by Philipp Schmitt & AT&T Laboratories Cambridge is licences under CC BY 4.0