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Towards a History of Artificial Intelligence

Video Recording by Stephanie Dick, Matthew L. Jones, Jonnie Penn, Aaron Plasek

Towards a History of Artificial Intelligence
Workshop at Columbia University
May 23-24, 2019 
Brown Institute for Media Innovation Pulitzer Hall 

This event was supported by the Center for Science and Society and Dean of Social Sciences at Columbia University, the Leibniz Fund, and the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) at the University of Cambridge.

The following discussions are available as video recordings, please note that the whole event was not recorded.

Panel 2: Creative Reasoning

Reinventing the Wheel (again): The forgotten histories of AI and the Arts 
Sofian Audry, University of Maine 

Group Discussion
All Panelists

Panel 3 Sites of Decision Making 

Chair: Jonnie Penn, University of Cambridge 

Financial Heuristics: Investor Judgment in Artificial Intelligence Research, 1950-1963 
Devin Kennedy, Harvard University 

Are Neural Networks Neoclassical? Utility, Loss, and Cost from Wald to TensorFlow 
Michael Castelle, University of Warwick 

A Brain Model for the Perception of the Outside World 
Rudolf Seising, The Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany

Computing as Organizational Behavior: Rules, Judgment, and the Automation of Bureaucratic Decision-Making, 1958–1962 
Daniel Volmar, Harvard University 

“In the Nervous System of the Beast”: Mapping Resistance in the Artificial Intelligence Industry 
Sarah West, AI Now Institute 

Group Discussion
All Panelists

Panel 4: Computing Institutions and Ideology 

Chair: Laine Nooney, NYU Steinhardt 

Public, as in Nongovernmental: Negotiating Trust in the New Cryptography, 1972-1984
Gili Vidan, Harvard University 

The Standard Head 
Stephanie Dick, University of Pennsylvania 

Was the Fifth Generation a Failure? It Depends on Who you Ask—Fuchi, Feigenbaum, and the Japanese Fifth Generation Computer Systems Project, 1978-1995 
Colin Garvey, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Panel 5: Knowledge Practices 

Chair: Theodora Dryer, UCSD 

The Machine and the Molecule: Chemistry in the History of AI 
Evan Hepler-Smith, Boston College 

Three Open Problems for Historians of AI 
Momin Malik, Harvard University 

Nondeterminate Lines: Pathfinding through Artificial Intelligence 
Andrew Johnston, North Carolina State University 

The rule of game has changed: ImageNet Challenges before and after Convolutional Neural Network 
Yoehan Oh, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

The History of the Graphics Processing Unit in Contemporary AI 
Yaqub Chaudhary, Cambridge Muslim College 

Organisers: Stephanie Dick, History and Sociology of Science, Pennsylvania, Matthew L. Jones, History, Columbia; Big Data and Science Studies Cluster, Center for Science and Society, Jonnie Penn, HPS, Cambridge, Harvard Berkman-Klein and Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Aaron Plasek, History, Columbia University