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The Good Robot: Kanta Dihal on Decolonising AI Narratives

Podcast by Eleanor Drage, Kanta Dihal, Kerry McInerney (née Mackereth)

The Good Robot: Kanta Dihal on Decolonising AI Narratives

In this episode, Christina Gaw postdoctoral researchers Eleanor Drage and Kerry Mackereth chat to Kanta Dihal, Senior Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence who leads the Decolonising AI project. We discuss the stories that are being told about AI, why these stories need to be decolonised, what that means, and how we should go about it. We discuss the need to examine a plurality of local stories about AI and Kanta recommends us her favourite science fiction narratives from around the globe that are challenging the supremacy of science fiction from the Anglophone West.

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