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Cambridge Student Fellow Scheme

Our Student Fellow scheme is a way of encouraging talented research students working on relevant topics to become involved in the life of LCFI. It is limited to students enrolled in a University of Cambridge research degree or (exceptionally) students enrolled elsewhere who have an active research connection to LCFI. It is non-stipendiary. Applicants should be conducting research that is directly relevant to one or more of LCFI’s projects, and should be able and willing to become involved in LCFI’s activities in Cambridge. We accept applications at any time and decisions on new applicants are made termly. Applicants should have the support of an existing LCFI staff member (‘sponsor’). Applications should include a CV, a statement of the applicant’s current research and how it relates to CFI, and a note of support from the sponsor. Applications should be sent to the Centre Administrator. Please merge all documents into a single PDF and email to

If you have any questions, please contact us.