Rui Cardoso

Research Associate


Rui is currently an research associate in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London as part of the Kinds of Intelligence project with the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. He is working on designing better intelligent systems which implement concepts, methodologies, and associative learning paradigms that have been studied extensively by researchers in the animal cognition field. He hopes that this will shed light on the challenging problem of incorporating “common sense” in learning systems, crucial to the development of an AGI.

Previously, Rui was awarded an MEng in Computing by Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering by Imperial College London. During his PhD, he worked in the intersection between Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing. His research focused on using evolutionary algorithms to systematically and explicitly create diversity in ensembles of neural network classifiers.

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Rui Cardoso


Rui Cardoso


Investigating the possibilities for bi-directional knowledge transfer between biological and artificial intelligence. AI has made rapid progress in recent years, overtaking human performance on complex tasks. However, there remain many areas where AI cannot compete with even simple biological organisms. Such areas include understanding object permanence and intuitive physics, one-shot learning, intelligent exploration and generalising […]