Nora Lindemann

Visiting Student


Nora Freya Lindemann is a PhD student in the Ethics and Critical Theories of AI research group at the university of Osnabrück, Germany, where she is supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff. Prior to her PhD, Nora completed a Master of Science in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Freiburg, giving her an interdisciplinary research background.

In her PhD thesis, Nora focusses on chatbots as sociotechnical AI systems situated in specific socio-political circumstances. She approaches chatbots with a theoretical background in posthumanist theories and with a focus on their genealogies. Nora is particularly interested in how gendered and racialized power structures have both influenced the emergence of chatbots and are part of contemporary chatbot systems. Her theoretical approach to chatbots crosses over into the realms of media theory, critical theory, STS scholarship, and gender studies. This research will benefit greatly from insight of the AI Narratives and Justice research of the CFI, especially the research on Gender and AI.

Nora is also interested in promoting discourse and exchange between academia and the broader public. She works as a research assistant in the Data Ethics Outreach Lab of the University of Osnabrück, where she helps to create Open Educational Resources on data ethics topics for high school teaching.

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Nora Lindemann