Molly McNicholl

Student Fellow


Molly is currently studying for an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, following her undergraduate degree in Classics at Cambridge. Her work with CFI Senior Research Fellow Rune Nyrup and collaborators in Toronto examines how ageism has been overlooked in the discourse surrounding AI ethics. Her own research takes a qualitative approach to understanding patient trust in the use of AI in healthcare settings. She uses her humanities background to inform an interdisciplinary research framework, employing sociological conceptions of ‘trust’ and grounding her work in the context of historical failings by biomedicine to serve marginalised communities.

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Molly McNicholl


Digital Ageism: Challenges and Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence for Older Adults

Article in The Gerontologist, gnab167, Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are changing our world through their impact on sectors including health care, education, employment, finance, and law. AI systems are developed using data that reflect the implicit and explicit biases of society, and there are significant concerns about how the predictive models […]