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Haydn Belfield is a Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. He works on the international security challenges posed by emerging technologies, esecially artificial intelligence. He frequently advises tech companies and governments on these topics. Key publications include ‘The malicious use of AI: Forecasting, prevention, and mitigation’ and ‘Toward trustworthy AI development: mechanisms for supporting verifiable claims’.

Haydn has been a Research Associate and Academic Project Manager at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk for the past five years, in which time the Centre tripled in size. Previously he worked in UK politics as the Senior Parliamentary Researcher to a Labour MP in the Shadow Cabinet, and was seconded to several general election and referendum campaigns. He was a Policy Associate at the Global Priorities Project (University of Oxford) and the first Development Director of the Centre for Effective Altruism. He is a DPhil/PhD Candidate in International Relations, and has an MSc in Politics Research, and a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), all from the University of Oxford.

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Haydn Belfield


Computing Power and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence

“Computing Power and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence” by Girish Sastry, Lennart Heim, Haydn Belfield, Markus Anderljung, Miles Brundage, Julian Hazell, Cullen O’Keefe, Gillian K. Hadfield, Richard Ngo, Konstantin Pilz, George Gor, Emma Bluemke, Sarah Shoker, Janet Egan, Robert F. Trager, Shahar Avin, Adrian Weller, Yoshua Bengio, Diane Coyle. To be released 14 Feb 2024.

Comment on the EU’s world-first AI regulation: ‘an historic opportunity’

J Whittlestone, H Belfield, S Ó hÉigeartaigh, M Maas, A Hagerty, J Burden & S Avin. Comment on the EU’s world-first AI regulation: ‘an historic opportunity. Leverhulme CFI Website, posted 4 May 2021.

Future Proof: The Opportunity to Transform the UK’s Resilience to Extreme Risks

Ord, T., Mercer, A., Dannreuther, S., Nelson C., Lewis G., Millet, P., Whittlestone, J., Leung, J., Anderljung, M., Hilton, S., Belfield, H. (2021). Future Proof: The Opportunity to Transform the UK’s Resilience to Extreme Risks.

Consultation on the White Paper on AI – a European approach

Consultation on the White Paper on AI – a European approach Executive Summary: We are a group of academic researchers on AI, with positions at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Cambridge, and the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence – a leading international centre in AI ethics. We […]


Haydn Belfield

Governance, ethics and responsible innovation

Ensuring that the impacts of AI are beneficial in the near and long-term requires engaging with the principles and practices that underpin the development and deployment of AI. It requires shaping governance at the national and international level. And it requires the development of a global, cooperative community working fruitfully together to ensure that AI […]

Haydn Belfield

Safety, security and risk

AI poses or intersects with a range of safety and security challenges, some of which are immediate and some of which may only manifest in future as more powerful systems are developed and deployed in a wider range of societal settings. Many of the most transformative impacts of AI, both in terms of potential benefits […]

Haydn Belfield

Global Politics of AI

An interdisciplinary project that contributes cutting-edge research on the geopolitics of AI and the implications of AI development and deployment on international political systems. The Global Politics of AI Project is co-chaired by Dr Kerry McInerney and Haydn Belfield, and it sits in both the AI:FAR and the AI:Narratives and Justice programmes, It is an interdisciplinary project […]

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Haydn Belfield

What Role Can “COMPUTE” Play In AI Governance?

A major new 19-author report argues that governing computing power (‘compute’) can help AI governance be more effective and targeted By Haydn Belfield  This diagram offers a summary of the main arguments of the report. “Compute has properties that are unique among the various inputs to AI capabilities, and it is particularly important for governance […]