Ezekiel Kwetchi Takam

Visiting Student


Ezekiel Takam, a teaching and research collaborator at the Faculty of Theology, University of Geneva, pursuing a Ph.D. in Ethics at the same institution. His doctoral research, undertaken from an interdisciplinary perspective, focuses on theorizing the theological-political ethics of artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, he aims to explore how conceptual and methodological resources from theological and Afro-religious sciences can contribute to the critical analysis of power dynamics underlying the development and deployment of the often-called “God-like” AI.

Throughout the course of his thesis development, and besides his teaching assistant duties (including lectures in different faculties such as the Geneva School of Management and Economics, the Computer Science Center as well as the Faculty of Law and the Computer Science Center), one thing has remained constant: his desire to make a tangible contribution to society through his research. This has led him to participate in various social impact projects with forefront responsibilities. Among other roles, he was the mentor of the Edgelands Research Sprint Geneva 2022 (a Harvard incubated project); he is a Keynote speaker and ethics lecturer in various companies and the founder of the Euro-African Observatory of Artificial Intelligence, a think tank dedicated to promoting an ethical culture of artificial intelligence in Europe and Africa. As part of this project, he was awarded the Geneus-Fongit Prize for Best Life Science Idea by the Geneus incubator of the Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation.

His work at the CFI, in collaboration with Dr. Eleanor Drage, will explore how a cross-reading between Gilbert Simondon’s philosophy of the transindividual and the animist philosophy of the human and non-human relationship can critically contribute to opening up new avenues of reflection on the (re)definition of a techno-human identity in the era of the algorithmization of our society.

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Ezekiel Kwetchi Takam