Catherine Stinson

Research Fellow (LCFI/University of Bonn) 2019 - July 2020


Catherine Stinson works at the intersection of Philosophy of Science, Applied Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Psychiatry. Current projects include teaching Ethics of AI, and researching algorithmic bias, how workplace diversity impacts ethical outcomes, why we can safely ignore singularity arguments, and how philosophical work on causation and kinds ought to inform big data projects in computational psychiatry. In previous positions, Stinson wrote policy papers and popular pieces about how to deal with the threats to privacy and consent raised by AI’s moves into healthcare, and worked on research projects in Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and Robotics. In 2019 Stinson was included in a list of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics.

In July 2020 Stinson became an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Computing at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

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Catherine Stinson


Algorithms associating appearance and criminality have a dark past

Algorithms associating appearance and criminality have a dark past. Aeon, 15 May 2020. Download Popular Journal article