Ali Boyle

Associate Fellow(Research Fellow from Oct 2019 to Dec 2021, Senior Research fellow from Jan – Aug 2021)


Ali Boyle specialises in the philosophy of cognitive science, focusing on the philosophy of comparative cognition. She received her BA, MPhil and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and held a Research Fellowship at Trinity Hall, Cambridge before joining CFI. Until December 2021, she held a joint position at CFI and the Center for Science and Thought at the University of Bonn.

Her work looks at areas of comparative cognition in which scientists disagree sharply about nonhuman minds, despite having access to the same evidence. In recent work, she has written about self-recognition, self-awareness and mindreading in nonhuman animals, as well as more general methodological issues in animal cognition research. Her current work focuses on episodic memory, focusing on its role in cognition, and its realisation in animals and artificial agents. She is also a Project Lead on the Atlas of Intelligences project, which aims to develop new resources making cross-disciplinary research on the variety of minds more accessible.

More information about her research can be found on her website.

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