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Nikhil Dharmaraj

Visiting Student


Nikhil Dharmaraj is a visiting undergraduate student from Harvard University where he is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree in History & Literature and Computer Science with a secondary certificate in South Asian Studies.

His research interests lie in thinking about what it means to apply anti-imperialist perspectives to the production of artificial intelligence today; what we can do to build collective power against oppressive, carceral technological systems; and how we can create community-centered technologies for more liberatory futures. At LCFI, Nikhil is working closely with Prof. Kanta Dihal to write his Bachelor's Thesis on decolonial perspectives around AI in the Global South; this involves ethnographic fieldwork with communities directly affected by surveillance states, critical reviewing of current AI ethics research, and the application of sociopolitical theory to computational domains.

Outside of academia, he has had professional experience working software engineering / data science roles at startups, companies, non-profits, and community organizations. In his free time, Nikhil loves to explore new cities, try new recipes, get involved in on-the-ground political organizing, and meet people from around the world.

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