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Lindita Camaj

Visiting Fellow, June/Aug 2022


Lindita Camaj is an associate professor at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication, University of Houston. She received her PhD in Mass Communication at Indiana University. Her research addresses the role of media in political processes, with a focus on digital communication, access to information and data policies, and journalism. 

She is currently working on a project that uses big data and machine learning to analyze the quality of real time political discourse and deliberation on social media during high-stakes political events. She has published work on the effects of dual-screening, watching live events on television while following on social media, on comprehension and public opinion formation. 

Lindita is also the PI in a multi-country project that examines comparative differences by which public policies on government transparency and open data promote or hinder computational journalism’s growth around the world. At the University of Houston, she teaches courses in data journalism. Prior to entering academia, she has worked as a professional journalist in the Balkans, covering public affairs and elections for local and international media.

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